Blue Toad Graphics

Blue Toad Graphics

Visual Artist & Creative Designer


Collection of varies works done in both digital and traditional medias

Digital Icons/Logos

Inspiration behind these designs come from my home town of Ausin, Tx. Where watching the city bats fly is a seasonal event. These designs are meant to be used as logos and sticker designs.


A collection of photos I developed for personal, and school related projects. My goal for this body of work was to emphasize the use of light through natural and digital editing. 


Type based project where we examined different ways fonts could be used with a focus on the individual letters and the shapes they create. Type was taken from store fronts and hand painted signs, arranged to emphasize scale and negative space.

Street Art

Personal design projects based around street art and murals. These types of projects relies on my technical art talents with a brush and paint.

Digital Graphic Design

Variety of digital works that I used for school projects and personal designs. Worked in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.