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Visual Artist & Creative Designer

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Miguel Taylor
Creator & Designer

I'm an artist and designer raised in the heart of Texas. I'm currently at Texas State University studying graphic and web design through the Digital Media Innovations major. For my page I chose to create a portfolio website to showcase my body of work, as well as creating a space to organize all my projects.

My style of art is influenced by folk art and current street culture. I enjoy using brushes and pens, with inks and paints, to create pieces with heavy contrast. My dream is to be able to spread my designs to many different industries and showcase my many talents.

Learning digital art has forced me to use a different part of my brain and try to develop different art principles. It hasn’t been easy but after hours of practice I believe I am growing as an artist and expanding my borders. 

My art isn’t just limited to paper. I want to be able to create designs on any materials as a way to become a well rounded artist. I’ve experimented on a range of materials from Jackets to wood panels and even custom designed skateboard gear.

My goal is to stay busy and create as much as possible and to learn many different skills. 

The next step for me as an artist is to become a strong photographer and videographer. I want to be able to showcase my work in any media form. I am looking forward to my art journey and the adventures to come.